Damn good music.

Thanks from the road…more specifically, the Super 8

We’re super pumped up down here in Texas.  All the good news is pouring in while we’re simultaneously celebrating the release of a killer record that we’re all beyond happy with.  Life, as they say, is good.  What started out with a couple of birds swapping songs on acoustics at some weekly gigs around Norman has turned into a helluva band with some of the best players and most stand up people Gabriel and I have ever had the pleasure of working with. These first few shows on the road have proven that we’re living up to expectations and performing in a way that people like to experience. Thanks to everyone out here in internet land for helping us out on a grassroots level, we wouldn’t be here without each and every one of you that has ever shared a song with a friend or brought someone out to a show.  I’m a twitter junkie and a facebook fanatic, and all our likes and friends and followers deserve a shoutout too. All of the press and the reviews in the world don’t mean diddly without fans that care and help out in any way they can. If you’re local station has a request line, do us a huge favor and give them a shout if you’re driving down the road and feel like hearing a tune.  On behalf of the Damn Quails, you have our humble thanks.

We also couldn’t have made this record without the dream team at the head of 598 Recordings, Chance Sparkman and Mike McClure.  These guys have been essential in getting this record tracked, mixed, pressed, promoted, distributed, and out the door and we owe them some very high praise for all they’ve done and continued to do for us, not to mention believing in our music and letting us make the record that we wanted to make. Danke scheon, Americans.  Kim Brian hooked us up with some amazin photography and is one of our biggest fans. Carie and Mike Krug of CTK Entertainment have been working their tails off to get us booked around the country and Brandy Reed of RPR Media is kicking some tail with all the reviews and media connections.  Groove Promotions and Al Moss are promoting us to a whole slew of radio stations across the country and we’re really lucky to have them both working in our favor.  Joe Hardy mixed, mastered, and played a variety of instruments on “Down the Hatch” and we can’t thank him enough for accurately and awesomely putting us to tape…or hard drive. Mike McClure gave us a haven in which to record, advice and tasty suggestions, and for pickin’ some guitar and keeping us on task.  He let us do what we wanted and reigned us in when we needed to be, and we can’t thank him enough for all his faith in us.  Wes Sharon tracked our drums and bass and played on “Through the Fire”, not to mention made us laugh and has a real cool place that’s right across town from us in which to record some tunes. Thanks team, we literally couldn’t have done it without all of you.

I mentioned the fact that we have a helluva band, but what I haven’t mentioned is why it works so well.  It’s because everyone is good, everyone cares, and they’re good people to be around on a daily and vanly basis.  So, thanks to Tom Young, Luke Mullenix, Biggie, Steve Baker, Knuts, Blake Lennon, Ryan Engleman, Nooch, Justin Morris, John Fullbright, Evan Felker, Camille Harp,  Alan Orebaugh, and anyone else that’s played with us live or in the studio. I’ve left some people out, but it’s 4:30am and my brain is tired. We’ve also got some great DJ’s on local radio, internet radio, and international radio that are helping us in a huge way. Love to you all.

Last but not least, our friends and family, girlfriends and wives, and anyone else that I’ve left out.  I try to be thorough, but I will inevitably forget someone as I’m kind of forgetful in the first place.  Thank you thank you thank you, a thousand times over.  See you at the show.

With love from a hotel room in Austin – Bryon White

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