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Catch Up…Hardy Street Tavern, Red Dirt Country Roads, Blue Santa Jam, and Threadgills

We had a helluva time in Houston the second go round, much like the first but with a full band and a great crowd on the Northern edge of the biggest city in Texas. The Hardy Street Tavern is a quaint little bar by the rail road tracks with a cabana themed decor that fits with the “almost bayou and nearly to the coast” vibe that Houston has in general.  We brought 6 pieces out to this show and had a great turnout with some various groups of friendlies dotting the landscape of the audience. Our buddy Jimmy Gatewood and his lady Sarah bought out 3 tables worth of folks, not to mention cooked us a kick ass breakfast the next morning that we were forced to eat on the road due to the fact that we all overslept because of the sheer amount of Jagermeister that was bought for us the night before.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 9 bombs apiece made for an interesting show that was mostly caught on video by Cherie Reegs and her friend Niki. You can check them out over at Youtube.

Breakfast on the go from Jimmy and Sarah. Thanks guys!

We headed on to Mansfield for Justin Frazell’s Red Dirt Country Roads, a live show syndicated to stations all over the country.  The gig was set up as a songswap, our own personal favorite and exactly the kind of shows we got our start playing.  Joining us on the show was Bo Phillips, Jake Grider, and Wade Bowen.  We got a chance to hang out with all of these guys and there wasn’t a sour apple among them.  Bo and I got to swap some “i used to be the fat kid” jokes, not to mention wolf down some of the most fantastic pecan brittle/toffee conglomeration that I’ve ever put in my mouth.  Everyone was extremely kind to us new kids on the block and we felt right at home on the show.  Special thanks to everyone that made it out, caught us on the radio, or streamed it via the web.  It was an incredible feeling getting to share a stage with some other artists that have been working the scene for a while and we were honored and excited to be in such good company.

Yes sir...that's me next to Wade Bowen during the Justin Frazell show

We spent a few days at home and packed up a paired down full band version for the Blue Santa Jam at Peckerheads on 6th in Austin.  We kicked off the show to an enthusiastic group of folks and had a helluva time opening up such a talent-packed bill that included everyone from the Dirty River Boys to Brandon Jenkins to Randy Rogers to Midnight River Choir to Hayes Carll and everyone in between.  Sons of Fathers was a real treat to see as well, been hearing a little about these guys and I must say they put on a great show.  It was also pretty incredible to finally meet the one and only queen of curses, the Rawhide Velveteen herself, Mrs. Rita Ballou and her hubby Ike Turner Ballou (interweb name that is).  Rita has been a doll to us since we started making our way on the Texas scene and I must confess I felt a little giddy getting to actually speak with her in person as opposed to tweets and facebook messages and skype interviews.  She was a real sweetheart and totally undeserving of the folks that call her a cuntbag and twatwaffle all over the net.  She does speak her mind, which pisses of a lot of folks, but definitely not we Damn Quails.  I’m a firm believer that the people that can’t take a joke are the people that should be made fun of the most and it seems like a saying that might be hanging in her kitchen somewhere.  She got up after our set and presented us with our Roadie award for Best Newish Artist that you kind folks helped us out so much in taking home.  We were really glad to be nominated and even happier to have won after being put up against some pretty heavy new artists, any one of which would have been totally deserving of the prize.

Tom, Gabriel, Biggie, and Nino from the Dirty River Boys. Short guys unite...

After the Peckerheads show, I took a much needed break for a few days in South Texas to clear my head and get a temporary reprieve from my Twitter addiction.  I ended up back on stage with Gabriel and John Knudson (@jonknutz for all you twitter patterers) for a live webcast from Threadgills in Austin on Jessie Scott’s Schoolnight Sessions.  Jessie has been a dear to us since we played Threadgills the first time a few months back.  She’s a sassy gal with a ton of stories and it’s always a pleasure to get to hang out with her.  The performance that night was very solid and an interesting change up from our various incarnations of the band.  It was the first time we’ve done a 3 piece with Knuts filling out the third part as Biggie was working off a pretty good hangover from the night before.  The man is a beast of a multi-instrumentalist and he delivered one of the most killer performances I’ve witnessed from him to date.  Tasty, solid, and totally in the groove.  The webcast went out world wide in HD and ended up being one of the coolest shows we’ve played so far.

Knuts at Threadgills...complete with faux glasses

I’m working on the blog from this past weekend, which promises to be a doozie after all the insanity that we got ourselves into with the Mike McClure Band.  There was rock and roll, hotel fiasco’s, some ghost hunting, and debauchery by the handful.  Thanks for reading and keeping up with us, and especially thanks for making us one of the most talked about bands around right now.   We’ve had so much great news pouring in that I can barely keep up with posting it.  One of the most notable accomplishments to date was our debut on the National Americana Music Association chart at #26, one spot above the new Willie Nelson album.  We’ve also confirmed that we’ll be opening for Robert Earl Keen in April at Stubb’s in Austin for the Lonestar Crawfish Boil benefit concert.  More details to come, so keep and eye out and we’ll see you at the show.

Fort Worth Friday!! Radio shows in on KDRH, 95.9 The Ranch, and more…

This Friday we’ll be heading to Fort Worth for our very first headlining spot at Woody’s Tavern.  If you live in the area, make sure you grab a few friends and head down for a full-on Damn Quails set.  Doors are at 9pm, Bobby Duncan is opening up and we should take the stage around 10:30pm.  But that’s just the cake…

The real icing is going on during the day and the hours leading up to the show.  We’ll be heading on over to Canton, Texas before we head to Fort Worth for an interview and brief performance with Brandy Wilkerson from KDRH True Country, the classic 1510 on the AM dial.  This particular station has been playing “Fools Gold” like crazy and Brandy is a true Damn Quails fan in every sense of the word. Can’t wait to get down there and pick some tunes for all the Canton folk that are diggin’ on our single.  We’ll be going on air at 3:30pm for about 30 minutes, so tune in and see what all the fuss is about. But wait…there’s more.

After we get set up and soundchecked for the Woody’s show, Gabriel and I will be high (quail) tailing it down to the 95.9 The Ranch studios for a quick interview and performance with Adam Drake at 8:30pm.  We’ll be talking about the show, playing a few songs, and being our charming and charismatic selves.  You can either listen to the show on 95.9 in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, or you can stream it on their website at www.959theranch.com.

I’ve also just gotten word that we’re currently ahead in the KVET/Rawhide and Velvet 2011 Roadie Awards under the New Kids on the Block award for Best New(ish) Artist on the Texas scene.  We’re up against some really stiff competition, including some friends of ours in 6 Market Boulevard and the Thieving Birds, so figure out who you like best and vote it up! We just did an interview with Miss Rawhide and Velvet herself, the one and only Rita Ballou.  Keep an eye on Rawhide and Velvet for some of our answers to Rita’s ridiculous (and hilarious) interview questions and a picture of me in my bath robe and Biggie in Miami Vice type threads.

 In other news, “Fools Gold” is currently working it’s way up the Texas Regional Radio Report and gained another 7 spots this week.  We’ve also hit the TexNet50 and the National Americana Music Association charts, and we are completely ecstatic that word of our existence is finally reaching the masses.  We’re also being played across the country on various public radio stations from Colorado to Connecticut and our overseas airplay continues to increase by the day.  Thanks to the entire team at 598 Recordings as well as all of our fans that are currently helping us down what we hope is a long and successful road for the band. It’s a process, but we’re off to one helluva start.  Keep putting in your requests and we’ll see you when we get to your town.  See you all at the show.


The KVET/Rita Ballou Roadie Awards! Click the link to vote…

Do us a huge favor and CLICK HERE to go vote for The Damn Quails under the “New Kids on the Block” section for up and coming artists in the red dirt/texas country scene.  We’d be infinitely appreciative.  Look forward to getting back to Texas next weekend.  We’re at Woody’s on November 18th for our first headlining spot, not to mention hitting up 95.9 the Ranch right before the show for an in-studio performance and interview with Adam Drake!!  Things are happening, friends.  Thanks for your help.


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